c u l t   o f   p e r s o n a l i t y

Flowers, donations, devotions and relics should be sent directly to:


@ Evi B.

Mrs. Evi Blumenau, the female lead singer and songwriter of
a couple of NOVI SADs most wonderful works. If you hear the
shrill tone of the mouth-organ, its played by her too. For more
information about her different art projects  click here! 

Mr. Manfred Moonday Scharf, the
passionate torturer
of the accordion. Best ears.

@ Moonday
@ Wurli

Mr. Robert Wurli Worel, the bass-man who admires Frank
Zappa and looks like him as well (although some people
picture him as Afro-European). Best rhythm.

Mr. Paris 1914, the one you can blame for most of NOVI SAD's
songs. Wakes up on a foggy winter morning in Central Europe and believes
that he is in California. Responsible for the guitar chords.

@ Paris 1914
@ stephan

Mr. St. Stephan, the drummer is the broadband fizzy-dizzy backbone of the band (but slim in appearance). Best groove, best Gibb-brothers voice ever.


We don't want to forget to mention fine but previous members of our ultimate experience:

Additional musicians and artists:


shot by Anette Scoppetta
shot by Anette Scoppetta (March 3rd, 2008)